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Story Behind the Story (Dr. Rosalind Osgood)

Story Behind the Story shares practical tools, tips and strategies for today’s Christian woman. Dr. Osgood uses her experiences
— she was a drug-addicted, homeless mother before finding a better path — to reach women in all walks of life, and her book
is a call to action for women all over the world to come together for leadership, improvement and work. Osgood’s work has touched the lives of thousands of women, and she's aiming for more.

►Self-Help / Women’s Issues


Things My Daughters Need to Know (Rodney Demery)

Serial dater Rodney Demery uses his extensive dating
experience and his cop knowledge to help women navigate relationships. He shares his experiences and his perspective on dating to help women figure out the men they let into their lives as he helps women answer the age-old question: How do I get (and keep) a man?

►Memoir / Relationships


The Blessings and Bling (Dr. Sheron Patterson)

Faith and fashion helped Dr. Sheron Patterson survive a breast cancer diagnosis. From her cancer experience, she founded organizations that help others facing tough times. She uses a
light-hearted tone and sprinkles plenty of fashion references throughout this book, as she shares with others what worked for her and could work for them.



People Just Like You (Anthology)

When we look at others who seem to have it all, we think their success came overnight. In this book, ten authors come together to share the struggles that came before their successes. They share what worked for them and what can work for you on your way to success in relationships, finance, business, and life.

►Motivational / Business


The Color of Success (A.C. Thomas)

Life in the segregated South could have made him bitter, but A.C. Thomas used the experience to his advantage. Harsh experiences made him stronger and tough circumstances helped him become resourceful. He now uses his book to help boys and young people see their lives in a different way.

►Memoir / Race Relations


After Hours (Geenah Jivani)

When a young woman already has beauty and a great job, what’s left? Well, love, of course. For one hot-shot professional, everything else is going well in life but love is a different thing. She finally finds it — but is it all that it seems? Can love ever be bad? And if so, how can she make it good?



Never Be Nothing (Theron Jackson)

Black boys get a bad rap. They’re told they will die or end up in jail before they’re out of their 20s. They have a higher rate of unemployment than the general population when they become men. Their level of education is less than that of their peers. But Theron Jackson tells black boys and all those who have a stake in their success, which, as it turns out, is everyone, that this dire circumstance does not have to be the life of black boys coming up today. Jackson examines the issues related to black male achievement and presents a solution for elevating black boys.

►Motivational / Race Relations


From Struggle to Success (Tyrone Evans)

A life of drugs and crime is a dead end for many, but for Tyrone Evans, his hardship paved the way to a life of substance. Once
he kicked the drug habit, he founded a multimillion dollar drug treatment facility and helped scores of others leave that destructive life behind. He now uses his story as inspiration to help men, women and children find hope, no matter their obstacles.

►Leadership / Substance Abuse


Yes, You Can Make It (Deavra A. Daughtry)

A life of poverty and having children at a young age can sideline many young women but Deavra Daughtry used her background as inspiration for a life of much more. A self-made millionaire, she uses her story as an example for others who need hope. She shares tools and strategies she used to achieve success.

►Motivational / Business


Why Forgiveness Makes Sense (Gregory Kirby)

When somebody does something bad to you, it can be easy to harbor resentment and anger. But Pastor Gregory Kirby demonstrates why forgiveness is the better choice. And forgiveness isn’t just about helping the one who hurt you, it’s about helping you.

►Self-Help / Spiritual


Love Is All We Are After (Andrea’ Porter)

All a young woman wants is love, but getting it can be a complicated matter — especially if she wants to stick to her values and not settle for less. Girlfriends since their college days, three young women chase love, success, and happily ever after. But who will find it? And at what cost?



Men Don’t Heal, We Ho (Steven James Dixon)

Relationships are complicated and sometimes full of pretenses. Well, in Men Don’t Heal, We Ho, Steven Dixon pulls back the curtain and reveals the naked truth about relationships, from the perspective of a man not afraid to tell his secrets. Steven shares the ups and downs of his own relationships and the lessons he drew from them. He uses his insight to help others tackle relationship issues they’re afraid to face.

►Self-Help / Relationships


Going Through Hell? Keep Going (Matt Jones)

Three-time cancer survivor Matt Jones tells his inspirational story of facing death and choosing to live. But Matt’s story doesn’t stop with his defeat of cancer. He uses his experience to help others face trying times in their own lives. Matt gives tips and techniques for overcoming life’s toughest obstacles.



The Process of Becoming Successful (John Zelem)

The author uses a story about golf to illustrate key points about success.





A Productivity Practicum (Keith J. Gott)

Hospital managers often have a hard time taking control of their department’s productivity. Keith J. Gott gives them a step-by-step approach to doing just that so they get better results and improve the bottom line.


It’s Not Over ’Til You Win (Les Brown)

Success isn’t about how easy you have it, but about how hard you try. In this workbook, Les Brown gives tools, tips, and techniques for hanging in there until you get what you want. This workbook helps users uncover their true motivation and discover keys to their own personal success.


Your Greatest Life (Les Brown)

We all want to live a great life, but sometimes we don’t know how to turn that desire into reality. In this workbook, Les Brown gives practical information to take you from desire to done, so you create the life you want.


Bringing Out the Millionaire in You (Les  Brown)

Financial success is a real goal for most people. But figuring out the steps for making it happen is a mystery for many. In this workbook, self-made millionaire speaker Les Brown shares lessons and tips for creating extraordinary success. The workbook takes users through steps to realizing their unique gifts and ways to leverage them into meaningful work and successful ventures.


Persistence (R.G. Thomas)

Success isn’t about how you start, but how you finish.
R. G. Thomas, a self-made millionaire, went through some
tough times before he found success. The loss of a spouse,
tax trouble, low cash flow were all a part of his story, but he
didn’t give up. His workbook helps aspiring business owners
and others develop strategies for success.


A Guide for Creating Your Business (Deavra A. Daughtry) Entrepreneur and philanthropist Deavra Daughtry’s workbook provides a road map to take your business to the next level.


A Guide to Purposeful Living (Deavra A. Daughtry)

A workbook to incorporate 14 proven faith principles for business success and healthy living.



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