We have been producing books of the highest quality for 12 years, helping entrepreneurs, industry experts, speakers, thought leaders, consultants, coaches, politicians, and others
share their expertise and message.

RootSky Books is a team of former journalists with vast experience in media, branding, and content.   

We believe in making a difference in this world. We do not take on all projects that come our way; and when we do, it is with that idea in mind.

Here are some examples of what our clients have accomplished with their books:
• Sold 10,000 books in a couple of months
• Landed a book deal
• Landed a literary agent
• Advanced their speaking career
• Became a bestselling author on Amazon
• Won a local political election
• Appeared on a national news shows
• Appeared in national publications
• Raised money for cancer research
• Raised awareness about social issues
• Grew a ministry
• Popularized their nonprofit

Turn your story, expertise, and information into a book that will establish you as the expert in your area. We will help you market an idea and build a brand.

Best of all, we are a one-stop shop. Writing, editing, design, ebook creation, author website — we take care of all your author needs.

Email info@rootskybooks.com or simply call (800) 678-9382 today to get started!
“As a first-time author and self-publisher, I found the experience, skill, insights, and support of the RootSky Books team invaluable.”
— Keith J. Gott, A Productivity Practicum

“I've gotten nothing but praises about how nice the book is. Kudos to you guys for a quality product.”
— Annie Kessee Dixon, Great Grandpa Went to Heaven in His Wheelchair

“RootSky Books helped turn my dream into reality."
— Lee V. Byberg, Builders of Our Land

“My book was amazing and the publishing process was a dream. I didn’t lift a finger. I’m sure you will be pleased with their patience and professionalism.”
— Rodney L. Demery, Things My Daughters Need to Know, No Place for Race

“I don’t know how to adequately express my appreciation for all you’ve done and helped me achieve. I don’t believe I would have gotten even half this quality of service with any other editing company. You just keep impressing me with your ‘extra mile’ service and support.”
— Lynda Converse, His Name Was Merle

“We appreciated their drive, professionalism, and expert guidance on our project.”
— Rome & Kimberly Madison, 101 Star Points


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“A special thank you to Monica at RootSky Books for editing the book and helping me
prepare a proposal. She laid a good foundation that helped me find a publisher.”
Vikas Jhingran, Emote, published in 2014 by Career Press
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